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Does homemaking serve insurance premium this who is handed in?
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Before long previously, person of combination of some large homemaking company protects Guangzhou, restful insurance signs an agreement, roll out a homemaking to serve comprehensive insurance together. According to the tentative idea of this homemaking company, the company will buy 80 yuan of insurance for baby-sitter, this share expenses will exceed by homemaking company entirely. And employer is annual pay 300 yuan insurance premium, cause the person belongings loss in employer home by baby-sitter, insurance company will make compensation. Homemaking course of study thinks about the personage, this insurance undertakes for normative industry, hurried estate development was stridden epoch-making one pace.

But this danger is planted the opposition that a few employer sufferred however after rolling out. Employer thinks insurance premium should be handed in by homemaking company, and homemaking company thinks, itself business already special small profit, and this danger is planted is to be employer individual accept insurance, employer makes money of course. So, charge of homemaking service danger after all this who is handed in?

Be robbed in the home
Does baby-sitter get hurt responsibility this who is lost?

Not long ago, home of citizen king aunt by loot one sky, because door window is in good condition nondestructive, the baby-sitter in the home disappears since have things stolen, the family member thinks the biggest suspect is the baby-sitter that comes from a mountainous area country, but because this baby-sitter is king aunt outside some not regular intermediary corporation searchs, the company cannot provide the detailed data of this baby-sitter, all losses are recovered without method. The circumstance that home of aunt of similar citizen king appears, the homemaking service market that is in Guangzhou is not rarely seen. Employer complains to media: In the home by loot one sky, baby-sitter also disappears, find that intermediary orgnaization to discover however already the person goes the building is empty.

As we have learned, at present Guangzhou major homemaking is versed in, be engaged in the baby-sitter of run-of-mill job especially, basically be to come from impoverished area, not only difference of the culture with Guangzhou person, habits and customs is big, more important is personnel quality low, ego sanction is weak, fluidity is too great. Person of a few Guangzhou says frankly, employ do not employ the problem that baby-sitter is the mainest is not money, however safe problem. In letting a stranger arrive home, is belongings person safe in case if sufferring a loss unfortunately, should search? Very much now time is him employer is assumed. In addition, when buying food like baby-sitter, be contused by autocycle, when doing chore by high-pressured boiler scald, perhaps brushing a window when fall, these are the common accidents in homemaking service, such accident, responsibility this who is lost? Once appeared afore-mentioned problems, not only employer is irritated, homemaking company also feels get tired of deal with, helpless. Have homemaking service industry senior personage thinks, be existence of homemaking service line of business this a series of problems are solved hard, the health that restricted Guangzhou city homemaking badly already to serve industry develops.
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