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Floor of first Fujian ground (Na Jing) countrywide photography art is exhibited
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Update time: 2008-06-21 article origin: Internet author: On June 15, the author learns from couplet of article of Na Jing county, solicit contributinos last a period of time the floor of first Fujian ground of 8 months (Na Jing) countrywide photography art exhibits selection activity to announce.

This activity government of You Najing county and " the masses photographs " magazine company is held jointly, zhang Yu of vice-chairman of Chinese photographer association, " the masses photographs " the photography bound a person of academic or artistic distinction such as Pan Chaoyang of vice-chairman of association of photographer of Qin Datang of vice-chairman of association of photographer of Gao Qin of magazine chief editor, Beijing, Fujian Province and famous photographer Yang Dazhou takes up the post of a commissioner. The activity gets the work of many 600 photographer that comes from 20 many provinces of countrywide, city in all many 7000, still have the photography an excellent work that comes from the country such as the United States.

Pass commissioners 9 rounds to choose, 18 photography work wins grade an excellent work, 200 photography work wins selected an excellent work. Work of Zhang Qinghuang of fontal city photographer " auspicious cloud " be judged to be fancy collect, work of wave of wood of Zhangzhou photographer Feng " remote mountains bright phearl " with work of Hangzhou photographer Bai Zhibin " earthy floor dim light of night " be judged to be one class to collect, " masterly sculpture is artistic " wait for 5 work to be judged to be 2 class to collect, " the pride of the morning of · of brilliance of the rising sun this world " wait for 10 work to be judged to be 3 class to collect.

It is reported, this activity is selected the partial an excellent work that collects order and degree will hold in next month " floor of first Fujian ground (Na Jing) Cultural Festival · section of travel of the 2nd Zhangzhou " go up showpiece. Selected 218 photography work still publishs collect articles into a volume, photograph the international that at will be in this year in September Shanxi makes the same score Yao to hold in exhibiting, exhibit.

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