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Homemaking service industry always cannot be cannot can depend on (graph)
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Update time: 2008-08-20 article origin: Legal journal writer:

The legislature that needs us is more active and active, revise perfect and corresponding law system in time, reach all sorts of industries as soon as possible its bring into legal system to change from personnel of course of study, the course that standardization and program change comes up

Graph / Zhang Chengcai

Ruan Zhanjiang

Recently, guangdong saves tens of domestic homemaking companies but declare, just start inside the industry " employee turns management " be forced to interrupt. Because of the regulation according to labor contract law, baby-sitter was not brought into the safeguard of labor contract law comes in the category. And if sign a contract with baby-sitter, homemaking company will bear the cost that raises abruptly feebly; If disaccord baby-sitter signs a contract, employee changes administrative desire to be able to make a plan only again. According to introducing, if homemaking course of study abandons thoroughly " employee turns management " , baby-sitter will be the person that the directest rights and interests is damaged (on November 21 " Yangtse Evening Post " ) .

Should say, total hard to avoid can have the place that a few law cannot enclothe and field in social life, but the awkward state that sees whole homemaking service industry is immersed in a kind not to have standard standard unexpectedly, still let a person feel open-eyed and even bemused.

Should admit, when our country enacted labor law 1994, the whole homemaking service industry that includes nurse inside has not shaped, more still is in scattered, single state, accordingly, bringing into its labor law compasses to make range at that time is understandable, legislative after all the limit that always can accept socioeconomy to expand position.

However, as the development of socioeconomy, expand what serve personnel demand to the homemaking such as baby-sitter as social all circles increasingly and increase, in recent years countrywide each district especially each are big in homemaking industry it may be said of the city is to develop flourishingly. No matter be " 28 baby-sitter of cropland professor home " , " baby-sitter " the heat that waits for the teleplay that involves homemaking trade is sowed, or family member, friend waits for homemaking personnel to baby-sitter beside us the reality of effective demand, more and more facts had made clear: Homemaking service personnel relies on oneself labor this to earn money likewise the professional group that raises the home, moving toward social large stage gradually, produce increasingly main effect.

Regretful is, because do not have the compasses that brings into labor law to make a category, at present the homemaking service industry of our country almost the condition that whole is in a kind not to have foreword relatively. Baby-sitter, hour is versed in the allowable profit that waits for a few groups cannot get comprehensive legislation is ensured be mixinged in time, adequately, the dispute of a few labor in practice faces the real problem that tackles hard mostly. Employer is encroached at will, discharge and even beat up baby-sitter, home remedy of orgnaization of company of a few homemaking, intermediary serves personnel to remove with homemaking at will labor concerns... similar case cans be found everywhere. This among them, not only the legitimate rights and interests of personnel of most homemaking service gets effective protection hard, and a few serve fault of staff professional work because of homemaking and suffer losing family to also get be mixinged in time, effectively hard the compensation of standardization, make the development of whole industry expands thereby face real obstacle.
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