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Baby-sitter and employer harmony get along homemaking company has tremendous eff
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One, improve baby-sitter culture quality, shorten urban and rural difference.

Gratified baby-sitter searchs hard, very big the difference that the contradictory conflict that one part reason is employer and baby-sitter reflected sense of urban and rural culture. Because experience of culture level, life, viewpoint of value misses the difference that waits for a respect, two kinds of culture that reflect on baby-sitter and employer body produce tremendous conflict, hard shirt-sleeve. At that time, need the effort of baby-sitter and employer double respect. Baby-sitter should strengthen the education of literacy knowledge and individual quality, promote oneself accomplishment. Employer also should adopt the attitude of good-tempered understanding, should abolish idea bias, treat baby-sitter honestly. Have each other only with sincere intersect, sincere letter needs a person, ability makes each other harmonious get along.

2, involve good mastery of a skill or technique, foster high quality baby-sitter.

A lot of baby-sitter do not have those who pass systematic major to groom, just be done with long-term domesticity experience. And, a lot of baby-sitter are to come from and other places of Henan, Anhui, Sichuan, Hunan, be defeated to is the city that develops quite. Cook so a lot of respects such as taste, habits and customs and disagreement of domestic member requirement. Before mount guard, the area characteristic that homemaking company should take in the light of baby-sitter gives of specific aim groom.

3, employer and baby-sitter both sides should get safe safeguard, make its do not have trouble back at home.

Employer people the act that fears baby-sitter has against the law in the home, in recent years a variety of baby-sitter are robbed, the incident such as baby of bilk, cruel emerges in endlessly, the child in the key in the home, home, home in almost all privacy give not the personage's person, can have very very grave worry really. And baby-sitter, especially nonlocal baby-sitter is very afraid also encounter the problem such as accident harm. Baby-sitter should be assumed brush glass, receive send the work such as the child, once produce what accident, often can produce controversial issue. Besides go to law
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