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Homemaking industry becomes labor contract " blind area "
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Should labour of baby-sitter, hour sign labor contract? Labour of the homemaking company of stannic city, hour and labor department have a view each. As we have learned, at present whole town counts the baby-sitter that is engaged in homemaking service and hour worker worker, the majority did not sign labor contract with duty interpose place or homemaking company, homemaking industry makes labor contract " blind area " .

The company that pursues homemaking service at present has two kinds big, one kind is duty interpose place, be versed in for hour and a string is pulled between employer, build a bridge, the intermediary with certain collection is expended; Another kind is the homemaking company such as Bao Jie, have formal stuff, employee also has fixed salary every months. According to " labor contract law " regulation, be engaged in the laborer that full-time works answering to sign formal labor contract with the unit that use worker worker, but every Nature's engineering makes those who be not worth 4 hours can not sign labor contract with labour temporarily.

A staff member introduces place of interpose of duty of the Women's Federation of the city that do not have stannum, labour of the baby-sitter that registers here, hour is a female almost, because of,having half person about is inside retreat those who wait for a reason to lose the job, but former unit still is gold of its pay social security, do a few years of hour to be versed in emeritus age can get pension, still have the half comes from a country or with former unit " cut off " the unemployed personnel of the relation, this part person hopes to sign labor contract most. The reporter understands in interview, state of mind of labour of baby-sitter, hour is more complex, somebody does not wish to get a contract diversionary, more people ask to sign labor contract to make the job has safeguard. But place of many homemaking duty interpose think, homemaking is a small profit industry, hour labour may be in at the same time place of interpose of a few duty is registered, cannot sign a contract with its. Duty interpose place just is pull wires of employ both sides, hour labour makes an in about a year for an other people, duty interpose place a few yuan intermediary expends collection, if sign labor contract with this part person, every months of hundreds yuan society insurance premium from where defray?

To this, town labor department expresses about the personage, homemaking industry is impossible free at " labor contract law " besides, to be engaged in the full-time worker of this group course of study, behoove of the unit that use worker worker signs labor contract. And the hour work that makes inadequacy 4 hours to every Nature's engineering, press a regulation to be able to not sign labor contract. On December 29, a few chief that they appoint guild of the factitious homemaking that do not have stannum technically still are unscrambled " labor contract law " medium pertinent clause, urge homemaking company to press requirement and sign labor contract from personnel of course of study.
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