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Ability of job of environmental protection of personnel of urban homemaking serv
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Green originality award declares a watch: Green move prospective & #8226;2008Green is achieved cast plan to choose Ability of job of environmental protection of personnel of service of homemaking of originality name city grooms systematic originality person education of environmental protection of category of environmental protection of of Kang Ming of Liqin of Ruan of Kang Guodong Ruan Fang and groom environmental protection target makes urban homemaking serves personnel to become drive with carry out energy-saving reduce platoon and environmental protection, become emissary of exalted green action glory. Originality origin we think, having the homemaking of ability of environmental protection job to serve personnel will be domestic service from the most welcome main force in personnel of course of study. Commerce
Value is analysed to be carried out actively, fulfil Hu Jintao's secretary-general to be in what the Chinese Communist puts forward in the report on congress of the seventeenth whole nation " must construction resource is managing model, the environment is friendly model the prominent place that the society puts in industrialized, modernization to develop the strategy, fulfil every every unit, family. " directive and requirement, combinative world energy resources organizes concerned research positive result and conclusion, family and manufacturing industry are two when most latent capacity falls to feebleminded source is used up and reduce an environment to pollute main fields, accordingly, in advancing the process with energy-saving environmental protection, the family is a main target that nots allow to ignore. In the meantime, the family is the basic cell that the society comprises, developing activity of domestic environmental protection is to enhance security of environment of the whole people, zoology consciousness, arouse whole society throws environmental protection, make environmental protection action ties the most important way of basis layer.
Federation of woman of China whole nation, Ministry of Agriculture implements spirit of a central file to carry out, increase the integrated quality of rural woman and obtain employment capacity, labour force of have more than needed of stimulative country woman changes obtain employment, give out jointly " the opinion that works about strengthening move of labour force of rural woman have more than needed to groom " (Fu word [2005]22 date) , think " labour force of rural woman have more than needed is mixed to the city 2, obtain employment of 3 industries move will be a long-term mission. " put forward " should use Chinese woman labour force to transfer move of labor of country of obtain employment net, China to groom particularly the carrier such as net and net of Chinese labour market, build information platform actively for rural woman, organization of the Women's Federation of help basic level and rural woman use modern method, get the information that use worker worker, raise orderly move rate. Raise orderly move rate..
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