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How to suffer new labor law to protect baby-sitter to should do?
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Someone says, employer looks for baby-sitter, talk about love like young men and women, both sides is appropriate ability goes.

"Was the contract signed? " the near future, as a result of " labor contract law " was about to carry out on January 1 at next year, relevant topic became the central issue that the whole people pays close attention to. Be in " labor contract law " below the standard of relevant provision, attainable law ensures the rights and interests with major industry bilateral labour and capital.

However, having an accident is, became however with the baby-sitter industry closely related urbanism by " labor contract law " oblivious corner. All the time since, because of the characteristic of homemaking industry, the situation that baby-sitter signs labor contract is not ideal, a lot of people did not attend a society to be sure, the life lacks safeguard. New labor law comes on stage, baby-sitter was not included to ensure a category however, who will buy sheet for their social security?

Baby-sitter: Do not buy social security feeling to do not have safeguard

How many baby-sitter does Changsha have after all? About expert introduction, detailed number hard statistic, but conservative estimation is due 779 people. Be located in the profession of the Changsha City that the market grows on the west to introduce a service center (Zhongshan road branch) , be Changsha baby-sitter " distribution centre " one of, here has tens of renown baby-sitter and employer to reach obtain employment intent everyday, be on the road of baby-sitter profession. Come to what Changsha works from peaceful countryside plum eldest sister just resigned a baby-sitter works, the reason is " feel that other people is too slashing " , prepare again choose an appropriate employer.

"The earliest previously, I become a clerk in an unit, the unit pays all sorts of society insurance to me. Come out to become nurse now, these insurance all the time nobody gives capture to go up, what I sign with homemaking company is intermediary contract only, employer pays insurance more impossibly for me. Without insurance, I feel from beginning to end without safeguard. I still work so that move now, how can you pass 50 years old to do? " speak of the society is safe, plum eldest sister is infinite deep feeling.

This word, also let all round a few baby-sitter that waiting for employer have feeling greatly.
Homemaking: It is difficult to give baby-sitter capture social security accomplish

For the social security of baby-sitter investment buys sheet, can baby-sitter intermediary company accomplish this? In interviewing, company of intermediary of a few baby-sitter all gave negative answer: "We every introduce mount guard of a baby-sitter, the service administration fee of collection is not worth 100 yuan, if want to deal with the insurance such as medical treatment, provide for the aged to every baby-sitter, need defray every months at least hundreds yuan, this is homemaking company stands hard, also cannot susceptive. Also cannot susceptive..
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