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Announcement of the State Council
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Update time: 2008-05-18 article origin: Author of Www.gov.cn of administration portal website: General office of the State Council

To Sichuan to convey a the people of all nations shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River dies deep-felt lamentation of the brethren, decision of the State Council, mourned day for the whole nation to 21 days on May 19, 2008. During this, the whole nation and indicate mourning of half-mast of each institution functioning abroad, stop communal recreational activities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with our country the diplomatic and consular missions outside be stationed in is established condole book. On May 19 14 when rise 28 minutes, stand in silent tribute of the people of the whole country 3 minutes, at the appointed time vessel of car, train, ship cries flute, air defence alarm resounds.

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