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Homemaking serves management behavior standard to ask
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4 operator postulate
4.1 have independent corporate organization.
4.2 have corresponding administrative system, the management that includes a clerk, groom, system of quality trace of service of archives management, family.
The 4.3 run by the local people that are engaged in a family serving industry are not company unit, ought to apply for to register to civil administration branch lawfully.
4.4 have groom accordingly place, equipment and force of persons qualified to teach.
The professional morality of 5 operator and self-discipline
5.1 perfect interior run a system, raise the oneself accomplishment of operator and vocational level.
The 5.2 authenticity that ensure the clerk's origin reachs relevant certificate and dependability.
The 5.3 certificate that do not get without reason to detain a clerk reach article.
The origin of 6 clerks manages
6.1 operator should master and establish record of qualifications and record of service.
6.2 archives should include the following content
6.2.1 clerks identification, include booklet of registered residence, Id, house appoint meeting (or village appoint meeting) the proof.
6.2.2 clerks record of formal schooling proves.
6.2.3 clerks are other material, include to offer relevant healthy proof, groom the proof.
6.3 operator should check the clerk's identification.
7 contracts are signed
The recruiting contract of 7.1 operator and clerk.
The family of 7.2 operator and consumer serves a contract.
The family of 7.3 consumer and clerk serves a contract.
8 clerks groom basic content
8.1 families are formal: Include the way one speaks or what he says appearance of bearing, appearance, life is consuetudinary etc.
8.2 general housework: The catharsis that includes Ju Baojie of meal of the family that make, home, clothing and other articles of daily use.
8.3 housework:
8.4 nurse infant: The discovery of dietary arrange, daily life arrange, unusual situation and processing.
8.5 attend old person: The processing of dietary arrange, daily life arrange, sudden circumstance.
8.6 nurse patient: The discovery with dietary arrange, daily life arrange, unusual patient's condition and processing.
8.7 nurse pregnant woman and puerpera: Pregnant woman nurses, the puerpera nurses.
8.8 families teach: Children family teachs initial stage of education of family of the children before learning, school age.
8.9 families manage money matters: Reasonable arrangement lives daily expenditure
8.1 families health care: Press the different characteristic of domestic member, science, plan the life reasonably, allocate prandial, coach its undertake reasonable constitution takes exercise, the precaution of general and common disease, those who make appropriate patient is prandial wait.
8.11 families secretary: Of the character arrange, master what modern chemical industry provides to use etc.
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