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Adjust cut down the member of persons employed wait for 14 kinds of case to be a
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Update time: 2008-05-09 article origin: Golden sheep net - author of new wall bulletin: Unspecified

According to legal system of the State Council of report of Xinhua News Agency day running yesterday announced labor contract law to carry out byelaw draft (draft of the following abbreviation) , seek an opinion extensively to social all circles.

Draft shares 45, basically carry out with respect to labor contract law the relation that does not have compensation of contract of fixed deadline labor, economy and compensation, service is concerned in carrying out sent the problem that waits for a respect to make a provision. In addition, the break down that the concept that draft still concerns to labor, labor concerns, government finds a place for the problem such as the labor contract of the commonweal sex post of difficult personnel made a provision.

Legal system of the State Council does concerned controller to express, the public can login before May 20 " website of Chinese government legal system " , in " opinion of administrative legislation draft collects a management information system " in full text of the draft that browse offers an opinion. Also can mail through letter or email means, to labor contract law executive byelaw draft expresses an opinion.

Can remove when business failure without deadline contract

Draft regulation, have one of 14 kinds of state that labor contract law rules, unit of choose and employ persons can remove to decide deadline labor contract without solid with laborer:

(one) unit of choose and employ persons and laborer talk things over consistent;

(2) laborer is notted agree with to add up to employ condition by the proof between probation;

(3) laborer violates the regulations system of unit of choose and employ persons badly;

(4) laborer is serious neglect one's duty, jobbery, cause to unit of choose and employ persons great damage;

(5) laborer builds labor to concern with unit of other choose and employ persons at the same time, cause serious effect to finishing the working job of this unit, perhaps put forward via unit of choose and employ persons, refus does not correct;

(6) because of labor contract law the 26th the first the first about laborer with con, threatening method or take advantage of sb's precarious situation, use person unit is in violate true meaning circumstance to next concluding or change labor contract, cause labor contract to disable;
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