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Homemaking serves contract book (intermediary form)
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Party A (user) :

Party B (intermediary unit) :

Third square (homemaking clerk) :

Tripartite of armour, second, third acts on the principle of voluntary cooperation, talk things over agree to sign this service contract. Tripartite of armour, second, third must abide by state law, code, abide by the concerned regulation of Beijing; Abide by Beijing homemaking to serve association to make " convention of Beijing homemaking service industry " , " Beijing homemaking service consumes a guideline " and " rules of profession of personnel of Beijing homemaking service " , encroach in order to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of tripartite of armour, second, third does not suffer.

One, bilateral agreement homemaking serves item

1, service project:

Party B agrees to be third of Party A select square, assume service of Party A:

(1) general housework; (2) pregnant, puerpera nurses; (3) baby, cheeper nurses; (4) the old person nurses;

(5) provide for oneself partly the patient nurses; (6) cannot provide for oneself the patient nurses; (7) the hospital nurses patient; (8) other.

2, service place:

3, service deadline: Date rises to stop to date.

4, salary:

Party A pays third square salary every months to be: Yuan RMB, party A should be in third square the 2nd day after every finish a month to work, with cash form paid third square salary, must not default with any reason, embezzle part of what should be issued.

2, tripartite right is compulsory:

1, Party A should produce effective identity document when signing contract book, show square to third specific requirement according to the facts, and the domestic situation that as square as third healthy safety concerns (if whether there is contagion person in the home,wait) .

2, inside contract period, if Party A is right third serves an item just or service category asks to change, answer to just talk things over with third, adjust pay pay appropriately.

3, Party A has authority to ask third just undertakes check-up afresh, charge is assumed by Party A, if check-up is unqualified,You Bingfang bears a cost by oneself.

4, the activity that Party A has authority to reject third to just be engaged in having nothing to do with homemaking service in its residence, specific requirement item just is agreed by Party A and third.

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