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Our city (Fuzhou) announce price of guidance of 126 post salary
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Update time: 2008-05-06 article origin: Internet author: Unspecified

Reporter of report from our correspondent learns from province labor and social security hall yesterday, salary of position of labour market of 2007 year Fuzhou coachs valence is released formally a few days ago, as 2008 the reference of post salary. Investigation shows, the salary of basically all 2007 type of work coachs valence is in on year there is different rate on the foundation rise, among them company director (factory director) monthly pay amounts to 11290 yuan, be located in first place of salary guidance price. Branch of town work safeguard is right position of part of our city labour market (type of work) salary standard undertakes investigation, collect, analysis is mixed amend, formed 93 position with our city relatively current 2007 labour market (type of work) the salary guidance price of salary guidance price and type of work of 33 technologies grade (detailed sees right table) , establish exalted number, median and low digit according to state of battalion of already of look forward to, for enterprise and laborer affirmatory salary standard provides referenced basis.

New issuance salary coachs price list shows, in senior administrator, financial manager, administration director still discharge the front row that expresses in wage price, but the wage gap between same position helps different company further big. Be like, in the 11 managers level that announces, company director (factory director) top price monthly pay is 11290 yuan, and top price monthly pay is dining-room and guest room manager respectively 3549 yuan mix 3278 yuan, both differ 3 times much. In grade of 33 technologies work, senior worker monthly pay achieves car driver 5108 yuan, to it corresponding, senior worker monthly pay is the assistant 2248 yuan, both differ 2 times much.

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