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Guangdong plans to start pay times increase a plan strive to go up inside year f
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Update time: 2008-04-29 article origin: Ocean net, information times author: Unspecified

Times dispatch (Liang Jiamin of Yang Xiaoyue of trainee of reporter kingcraft Bin's reporter) the reporter ensures hall from province labor yesterday of newest formulate " Guangdong province labor and social security enterprise developed a plan 2008 " (next abbreviation are a plan) know, the domain of the people's livelihood such as growth of wage of face of enlarge of unemployed, obtain employment, social security, worker had good index. Will distribute a system through establishing reasonable wage, guangdong province wants worker of implementation on guard year person equal pay increases 12% above. The research inside year makes provincial and basic medical service protect byelaw.

Town registers unemployment rate 3.5% less than

According to scheduling, 2008, guangdong save labour contends for implementation town to increase obtain employment newly 1.2 million person, personnel of unemployment of come off sentry duty again obtain employment 600 thousand person, among them obtain employment of the member that obtain employment strands difficult again obtain employment 30 thousand person, move country labor 800 thousand person, town control of the unemployment rate that register is in the low-level less than of 3.5% .

Organization of complete province plan is begun do poineering work groom 40 thousand person, new education technician and senior technician 20 thousand person, number of vestibule school student achieves 480 thousand above.

Provincial cure is made protect byelaw inside year

In the meantime, guangdong is saved will with " labor contract law " promulgate carry out for chance, ask the laborer that accords with a condition to the most pressing urban and rural and difficult group brings into social security system especially, implementation town attends basic provide for the aged, medical treatment, unemployed, inductrial injury and birth insurance number to achieve 23.4 million person, 21.3 million person, 13.8 million person, 22 million support of the people respectively 7.5 million person, make provide for the aged, medical treatment, inductrial injury safe 3 big risk are planted ginseng protect a number to exceed 21 million.

In the farmer labour ginseng protects a problem to go up, after afterwards saved peasant worker worker to attend inductrial injury and medical treatment underwriter to count the 1/3 that all exceeds ginseng of countrywide peasant worker worker to keep total number completely last year, guangdong province will continue to raise ginseng of peasant worker worker to keep a number this year, make these two numbers are added respectively to 13.6 million with 13.3 million person.
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