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Guangdong omited labor and plan of development of social security career 2008
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Update time: 2008-04-30 article origin: Guangdong saves labor and author of website of social security hall: Unspecified

I saved labor to ensure career progress to want 2008 with " 3 delegates " serious thought is guidance, the seventeen congress that carries out a party in the round discusses spirit, insist to develop view and compose scientificly to establish harmonious society concept, promulgate strictly according to Guangdong province government " Guangdong province labor and social security enterprise develop " 915 " program " deploy and the plan that offer target, share economic society to develop achievement to be core with people, the key solves labor to ensure domain masses to care most, the the directest, realest interest problem, accelerate obtain employment of perfect and urban and rural laborer and system of urban and rural social security, comprehensive compose is built mutiple level vocational training system and new-style working relationship adjust a mechanism, drive labor to ensure career science, coordinate and can develop continuously.

One, main plan target

The main plan cause that I saved labor to ensure a career to develop 2008 is:

(one) the obtain employment system that builds perfect and urban and rural laborer to unite, optimize obtain employment structure, overall stimulative obtain employment again obtain employment, enlarge obtain employment capacity, the abidance that carries obtain employment condition is stable. Town increases obtain employment newly 1.2 million person, personnel of unemployment of come off sentry duty again obtain employment 600 thousand person, among them obtain employment of the member that obtain employment strands difficult again obtain employment 30 thousand person, move country labor 800 thousand person. Control of the town unemployment rate that register is in 3.5% less than.

(2) compose builds mutiple level mechanic education and vocational training system, aggrandizement profession skill grooms, increase high skill talent to develop strength, raise laborer quality and skill level. The organization is begun do poineering work groom 40 thousand person, new education technician and senior technician 20 thousand person, number of vestibule school student achieves 480 thousand above.

(3) system of perfect and urban and rural social security, system of perfect society insurance, enlarge a society to be sure to cover range, enhance social insurance fund to ensure ability, fund of aggrandizement society insurance is superintended, raise enterprise retiree to govern service quality. Town attends basic provide for the aged, medical treatment, unemployed, inductrial injury and birth insurance number to achieve 23.4 million person, 21.3 million person, 13.8 million person, 22 million support of the people respectively 7.5 million person, rate of service of government of enterprise retiree community is amounted to 60% .
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