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Baby-sitter credence will get online henceforth check
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Chinese homemaking course of study will build credit to inquire individual information is made public completely between systematic baby-sitter and employer -- ,

A few years of future, between the personnel of nearly 16 million services that is engaged in homemaking serving industry and millions employer, will inquire in information of Id of the Ministry of Public Security sectional support falls related center and national information center, work up removes complete and enormous credence inquires a system.

This is indicating, all our country homemaking serve the individual information between personnel and employer to will be made public completely after. This morning, the reporter serves trade association from Chinese family giant spring vice-chairman and center of inquiry of information of Id of the Ministry of Public Security confirmed this one information.

On April 15, "Venture of line of business of Chinese family service is on guard with control seminar " upload a message, at present our country is engaged in homemaking service line of business and to it the personnel of relevant job, had been as high as nearly 16 million person, the labor value that creates every year also is as high as 160 billion yuan of RMBs.

What form bright contrast with trend of development of this industry high speed is, because homemaking personnel is mixed mutual identity information is false between employer and caused case, the situation is grim. Use false identity information to obtain credit of the other side, next the serious content that wait for one's chance commits the crime to had become a lot of criminals to slip into a family to be engaged in violating act. Same, employer uses the incident of personnel of homemaking of enroach on of false individual information to also happen from time to tome.

The potential risk that exists to serve the family industry is eliminated in budding in, chinese family serves trade association to carry out chairman Zhang Jianji to disclose to media: A few years of future, this association will inquire with information of Id of the Ministry of Public Security center and national information center cooperate, roll out those who aim to eliminate false information " credit inquires a system " , enterprise of concerned homemaking of preexistence of rate of association of homemaking of his proposal Beijing is pilot.

Below the support of your kind effort that is in public security mechanism and national information center, after this department unites dawn building, will make the individual information between homemaking personnel and employer completely public, with period promotional each other trustful feeling. But after this system builds, whether can involve the issue of individual privacy, the height that also caused expert attending the meeting at the same time takes seriously and intense discussion.
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