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Urbanism breakfast most when does appropriate eat
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Because contemporary urbanite works to often work overtime busily, the liaison man with together with big common city is embraced, often return a time black already, a lot of people arrive even 8, ability ate at 9 o'clock on dinner. Turn because the day wants to rise early, breakfast nature also eats early.

Medical expert points out, because dinner eats too late, the person is when Morpheus, majority organ got rest adequately, and peptic still is in however digest absorb dinner to put the food that leaves in gastric bowel path, just enter gradually to before dawn rest condition.

Once have breakfast too early, will naturally disturb gastric bowel to rest, make digestion is in the condition of fatigue accept a challenge for a long time, the peristaltic rhythm of disturbed intestines and stomach.

Can control at 7 o'clock so after getting up 20 have breakfast to 30 minutes the most appropriate.

Additional, breakfast and Chinese meal with interval 4 control to 5 hours had better, also explain breakfast is in 7 to take food between 8 o'clock had better.

The expert recommends the food that appropriate of a few kinds of breakfast chooses:

Contain a lot ofthe food of high grade protein: Egg, milk, banger, soya-bean milk.

Contain a lot ofthe food of vitamin C: Fruit juice, vegetable, fruit.

Contain a lot ofthe staple food of carbohydrate: Biscuit, steamed bread, steamed twisted roll.

Contain a lot ofthe liquid food of moisture: Rice congee, milk, soya-bean milk, fruit juice.

Appetizing, raise appetitive food: Fruit juice, tomato juice, pickles.

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