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4 kinds of when gem gal approbates good food
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Want to tell you the tremendous effect of juice of vegetables and fruits before saying those 4 kinds of food. The making method of juice of vegetables and fruits is such: The vegetable that washs those clean or it is fruit juice is put into the pot that has water, boil through be being stewed for long, vegetable or it is fruity color and nutrient Dou Rong solution arrives in water, stew sodden vegetable or fruit fish out to throw away, a few salt and candy are entered in Shang Zhongfang when gentle when below drink. Gem gal person often clear through juice of drinkable vegetables and fruits the toxin inside body and accumulate content completely filthily. And, the energy that in feeding, juice of drinkable vegetables and fruits still can bring place of the body in a day to need is broken in gem gal, and do not create overmuch burden to intestines and stomach. If you want not to dine suddenly in this, so drinking juice of a few vegetables and fruits is first-rate idea.


All vegetable that can eat raw are OK make it salad, wait like cucumber, tomato, Huluobo, lettuce, cabbage. Cut these vegetable into shiver, be like,mix a few flavor oily, can eat a bowl raw everyday. The time that takes salad ideal is the first dish of lunch or dinner. Fresh vegetable any not air or not metabolic is vegetable, belong to fresh vegetable, of course, vegetable is fresher better. No matter be rhizome vegetable or vegetable of branches and leaves, should allocate edible everyday, and should according to cooking of method of Yue sex alimental.

Fresh fruit

To anybody, the fruit always is nourishing food. Obtain favorable result to make gem gal practices, eating fresh fruit is very important. Not be to must eat those costly fruits, general and common fruit has rich nutrition likewise. Seasonal season fruit should eat, the fruit that appears on the market all the year round also should eat. How much does that eat everyday? E.g. , everyday edible an an apple, orange or it is a banana OK, important is to often eat a fruit, ability is healthful.

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