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The skin of what vegetables and fruits cannot be thrown, what cannot eat again
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Some people are when cook, those who be used to the cortical, tomato of the cortical, aubergine Chinese cabbage is cortical wait to throw away completely, it is exceeding really regrettablly. Because a lot of alimental skins are more qualitative than the flesh contained nutrition and prandial fiber are much, wait for vegetable like aubergine, tomato, cucumber, turnip, the fruit such as apple, pear. Mix in the vegetable such as aubergine, turnip, tomato, La Mei and grape fruity is cortical in, contain a large number of much phenol, much phenol is a kind of strong antioxidant, have enhance airframe resistance and immune power, resist the action of cancer.

The 3 times vitamin A at pulp is contained in cucumber skin, potato skin contains a lot ofmany prandial cellulose and potassium element, additional, vegetable and outer the content of the calcium inside leaf and vitamin C aloof heart of prep above dish, to nutrient eye, protection eyesight, prevent disease of blood-vessel of head of heart of constipation, precaution, reduce high blood pressure very effective.

Additional, skin of take out tomato can make tomato medium very important fight oxidation material -- tomato red element and vitamin P follow juice prediction of a person's luck in a given year easily, go against maintain health. So, want to pay attention to cate already, want to pay attention to nutrition and health again, picture " eat a grape not to say grape skin " same, some alimental are cortical cannot discard at will.

1. Persimmon skin: Because persimmon skin mouthfeel is good, ordinary people has persimmon not to say a skin. Study a proof according to medicine however, persimmon crudely when, the tannic acid that can cause harm to intestines and stomach is main inside flesh of consist in persimmon, and after persimmon is mature, tannic acid can be centered within persimmon skin.

2. Yam skin: Because yam skin contains alkali number more, edible can bring about gastric bowel too much unwell. (Improve the 8 old standard with sexual necessary quality) show Brown or the yam skin that has black spot more cannot edible, because this kind of yam sufferred the infection of shading disease, the meeting after edible is caused toxic.

3. Skin of water chest nut: Because water chest nut is born at fecund water lustre, a variety of harmful, noxious living things gathered on the skin fecal with chemical material. Accordingly, unripe feed or cooked food answer flay, can cause the disease that expects hard otherwise.

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