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6 kinds of insalubrious breakfast did not eat again
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Have a way one: "Aftertaste breakfast "

Breakfast content: Leftover dish, or leftover dish fries dish of meal, leftover to boil noodle to wait a moment

Welcome reason: Of many families " mom " when can making dinner, do more a few, do to the child and domestic person in the morning the following day fry a meal, perhaps heat up the meal that remain. Such breakfast is made convenient, content is rich, basic with prandial as good as, be thought nutrition is comprehensive normally.

The expert criticizes an aspect: After leftover dish of the previous night, vegetable possibility arises inferior nitric acid () of a kind of carcinogen, eat go in harm of can healthy to human body generation.

Proposal: The vegetable that takes surplus does not take; again as far as possible the rest other edibles cooks breakfast, must have saved, lest degenerative; should heat from the food that takes in freezer,appear.

   Have a way 2: Fastfood breakfast

Breakfast content: All sorts of Western-style snack

Welcome reason: Western-style snack is like wing of chicken of hamburger, deepfry to wait, it is the dietary preference of fashionable crowd all along. And the breakfast that many snack inn also offer the door now, if hamburger adds coffee or milk, black tea, convenient and quick and taste is good also.

The expert criticizes an aspect: Breakfast of this kind of tall caloric is brought about easily fat, deepfry food is used for a long time also can have a harm to the body. Become with Western-style snack breakfast, lunch and dinner must food of edible low caloric. Additional, this kind of Western-style breakfast is put in the problem of nutrient disequilibrium, quantity of heat is higher, but often lack the nutrition such as vitamin, mineral, cellulose however.

Proposal: Choose Western-style snack to cook breakfast, should wait plus fruit or vegetable soup, in order to maintain nutrition balanced, assure all sorts of nutriment absorb. Additional had better not long-term edible.

   Have a way 3: Traditional gust breakfast

Breakfast content: Deep-fried twisted dough sticks, soya-bean milk

Welcome reason: A lot of people are be in as a child of grandfather grandma guide below, was used to what eat deep-fried twisted dough sticks to add soya-bean milk in the morning, not only this kind is used to to have a way on taste, and also have on feeling old " the saving " .

The expert criticizes an aspect: Deep-fried twisted dough sticks is food of high temperature deepfry, wait to have the problem of grease on the high side euqally with dumpling of sesame seed cake, decoct. After food passes high temperature deepfry, nutriment can be destroyed, still can produce carcinogen; and the quantity of heat of deep-fried twisted dough sticks is higher also, grease is indigestible also, food of sex of the fat in also be being belonged to plus soya-bean milk, the grease amount that this kind of breakfast sets exceeds bid apparently, unfavorable and long-term use.
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