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Attention health speaks of from breakfast
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The ancients cloud: "A day plan depend on morning. "In the morning activity and food, crucial to the health of round-the-clock psychosis and body, especially the arrangement of breakfast, want science reasonable, pay attention to nutrition. Come for years, the common sense that introduces on my constitution according to oneself and magazine of books and newspaper and experience, made a breakfast recipe that suits oneself, hold to for a long time, find oneself effect is very good. Venture to, introduce simply, respectful ask old friend people referenced. Got up at 5 o'clock in the morning, a cup of warm boiled water is drunk first later, in order to complement nightly the moisture that use up. Wash gargle to end, drink a bowl of porridge, eat an egg that boil, go out again next morning is experienced, can avoid the happening of the hypoglycemia that hollow motion may cause or acute gastritis so. Morning is experienced after 339 minutes, come back to prepare breakfast. My breakfast is more complex, non-staple food is one in bowl evaporate dish, give priority to with carrot, onion among them, deserve to wait with day lily, Xianggu mushroom, agaric, kelp, laver, go up boiler evaporate is ripe. When edible, add the dressing such as powder of right amount salt, balm, gourmet powder, garlic, sesame paste again; Staple food is 93 steamed breads combining an aspect (face of flour, corn, soya bean face) grow yam with a few evaporate, drink a bowl of self-restrained fresh soya-bean milk finally. This breakfast has the following characteristics: It is breed all ready, nutrition is rich; 2 be need not boil is fried, reduce nutrient loss; 3 it is not to rely on others, oneself start work, use a hand with the head, its are happy boundless. Breakfast does not have fish, flesh, arrange the nutrient element that a variety of collocation of element of meat or fish, vegetable come to all sorts of complemental needing when lunch. Nevertheless, the operation of lunch is an old partner advocate hutch, I am become assistant. Milk is before wanting to sleep in the late evening, take, be helpful for Morpheus so. Though my breakfast does not calculate go up what cate, it is healthful however, ever had consulted dietetics home technically at this point, be considered as to accord with the principle of food diversification, often taking 3 steamed breads combining an aspect accord with nutrient science, be worth old people to draw lessons from. As a result of scientific and reasonable food, impose rule of pleasurable, life, insist to take exercise, although already arrived me of the octogenarian, the body still says to go up healthy, often read read a newspaper, type go write for a magazine, quickly canter, time still swims, fall ill rarely so, can calculate going up is healthy how to spend old age happily.

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