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How does young man food match nutrition?
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The man is controlled in 25 years old, actuating pressure is great, the dinner party is frequent, appeared general abdomen, fitness drops ceaselessly, whole faces computer, eyesight drops; Think understanding sets out from the angle of dietetics, food how reasonable and tie-in nutrition? How reasonable life daily life?

Healthy diet pyramid

Civilian it is a day in order to feed. After solving dress warmly and ear one's fill, people to all sorts of delicate in magical secret all the more pays close attention to place hidden. To get more nutrition from inside diet, or the healthy difficult problem that is change oneself, people begins more and more captious to food, more and more exacting, because of one li accept or reject crucial to us, affecting human health directly.

20 years ago, american Ministry of Agriculture begins a basis " American food guideline " built daily food pyramid. This year the beginning of the year, rolled out pyramid of new edition food again, corrected a few oversight in the past. It is reported, the wright of pyramid, include division of scientist, nutrition, staff member, and advisory. The experts of communal and healthy institute rely on haing Buddha university obtains the most scientific evidence, according to the relation between food and health, built new healthy diet pyramid. It repaired the fundamental flaw of pyramid of food of American Ministry of Agriculture, going up about having the problem of what, offerred better proposal.

Healthy diet pyramid is to build on daily movement and the base that control weight, keep healthy to people because of these two elements for, very important. They also can affect people to have what and the problem that how have, and the health that how the food that people has affects oneself again. Look from the base upgrade of healthy diet pyramid, include among them:

Whole wheat food (in dining for the most part)

Human body needs carbohydrate to provide energy, the optimal origin of carbohydrate is whole wheat, for instance biscuit of oatmeal, wide range, and black rice (namely unpolished rice) . They contain bran branny with plumule, and the starch that contains a lot ofenergy. The time that human body digests whole wheat should wrap so direct carbohydrate to grow than digesting flour, this meeting makes the blood sugar of human body and insulin maintain in a reasonable level, very quick meeting drops. Control blood sugar and insulin standard well, can reduce the hungry feeling of human body, prevent Ⅱ diabetic happening.

Vegetable oil. American is average everyday from adipose in get 1 / the day of 3 wants calorie, so, the bottom that puts them in pyramid is reasonable. Attention, of specialize is vegetable oil here, be not all and of all kinds fat fat. Healthy not saturated and adipose come from Chinese olive, soja, corn, helianthus, earthnut and other plant oil, and rich fatty fish, for instance 3 article fish. Of these health adipose improve level of human body cholesterol not only, and still can prevent potential heart sudden death and cardiac muscle stalk effectively to wait to death.
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