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Common rice is magical those who blow fat is peculiar have a way
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I see a card inadvertently, saying is a rice as small like frying melon seeds fire fries Huang Zai to boil congee, the name of congee is called " music rice tea " , can reduce weight allegedly, I come home to try to do according to says method later, should do the congee in the evening to eat, flavour resembles bud rice to spend a bit. By the way one ha, it is the fellow of a super love constipation occasionally, often 3 sky toilet, which anguish! Result I the following day of my spy bright bout, so this east east unexpectedly peptic function! Then my in succession ate several days, everyday time takes when staple food, those who eat but full, of course, if want to too oily course cannot take if reducing weight, the fried dish is OK, the flesh does not eat too much good. I discover later everyday can ah! One week later occasionally unexpectedly thin 3 jins ah!


This thing is extraordinary blow oil, if ate the food with old oil, it eats to be able to remedy suddenly below ah you choose on a few jins rice (the quality of rice, sort is not restricted, just suggest do not choose C, but had better be to choose the sort of avoiding to wash rice, leave out the formalities of a abluent, air) , use the boiler of the fried dish next, burn heat, whats are put, go in rice fry to hair is yellow OK. Want to notice the following: Flip through ceaselessly when parched rice

1, parched rice when, want to make sure rice is dry;

2, should fry ceaselessly move, otherwise below can scorch;

3, rice must be fried to hair is yellow, to then shallow Huang Hai is to fizzle out greatly, the taste that reads you then will decide, you like to eat rice crust to be fried fizzle out greatly a bit, do not like to be fried shallow a bit yellower.

4, when boiling, the practice that resembles the common congee that boil went. Put rice in boiler to fry directly, need not wash, fry with small fire next, because won't be papered so, fry golden color all the time till, fill next rise, when wanting to eat, boil went, with the congee that boil like, just water should put much drop, wait for rice to be boiled it is OK to blossommed, just say with you incidentally, parched rice when fry more a few, put over also won't bad, want to eat how to much boil, very convenient.

Principle reducing weight

In frying the process that control, the starch that contains in rice is destroyed entirely, decompose (other of course nutriment also sufferred weigh havoc, accordingly, but it says it is one kind is without nutrient thing) , became activated carbon.

Activated carbon this kind of thing, can add in the stomach, in intestines adipose suck, outside eduction body. Accordingly, it is especially other " blow bowel, blow oil " , disappear heat satisfy one's thirst, and protect a stomach. This thing wants to eat how to much can eat, and can match any dish will eat, include everybody to want to eat and not dare the flesh ah, deep fried products, best to reducing weight!
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