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Aid you fast the food of thin face
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Spinach: Small spinach contains rich Potassium and vitaminic A and C, but need special attention cook means, because spinach is of nutrition of quite light prediction of a person's luck in a given year,feed capable person.   

Fabaceous seedling: Fabaceous seedling dish of green contains quite rich nutrition, among them little of course not advantageous the Potassium that eliminates oedema, and fabaceous seedling dish is OK also aggrandizement mastication effect, be the high grade food that holds activity of a nutrient value and hurried entrance antrum concurrently.

Red turnip: Quite red turnip of nutrition believes is a lot of people in the thing that in one's childhood place does not like to eat, small Qin is not exceptional also, but after the little face effect that knows red turnip, small Qin fell in love with the flavor of red turnip, drink juice of a cup of honey red turnip that extracts now every morning, raise Yan Youmei to allow!

Western Qin: With above food, western Qin has the function of nutrient value and activity of stimulative oral cavity, take no matter as feed capable person, or be in summer most read smoothly, simple eat raw, western Qin is very goluptious healthy diet!

Accept beans: The accept beans that saves easily is one of requisite of day type breakfast, although a lot of youths do not like the taste of accept beans, but the accept beans that contains rich potassium, can say one of food that are Japanese health, long life.

Small fish works: Chai Yu or it is the piscine doing such as prelarva of cut one's throat is contained tall high grade potassium component, accordingly, no matter evaporate, boil, fry or do Shang Shi to add some of small fish to work, have delicate double fine effect of nutrition!

Persimmon works: It is snacks, OK also to can be become regard as the persimmon that cooking feeds capable person is dry, it is the special local product of person of Taiwan the Hakkas, dry the characteristic that reachs soft hard moderate, making persimmon dry also is to hold a nutrition concurrently.

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