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Fruit face film cannot complement vitamin C
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As climate drier and drier, personage love the United States also begins what take skin seriously more to maintain. Somebody chooses a few fruits that contain a lot ofvitamin C to make face of face film apply, for dry skin complement vitamin. But the expert points out, result of vitamin of complement of fruit face film is bad.

Wu Jun of vice director of dermatological department of hospital of new bridge of the third Military Medical University teachs the introduction, vitamin C can stimulate collagen albumen synthesis, cleared freedom base, restrain the formation of melanin. Because this is had,improve skin flexibility, stimulative cut cicatrizations, reduce furrow generation, make skin beauty wait for effect in vain.

But vitamin C fights oxidation material for water-solubility, itself can be affected by the element such as temperature, smooth, PH and dissolve oxygen quantity.

If will |contain a lot of the fruit of vitamin C to make face film directly, expose directly in air, so the rate that it oxidizes is rapid the rate that draws at the skin, can bring about many vitamin C to return future to be absorbed so that reach by the skin thereby oxidize. The nutrition in fruit face film cannot be absorbed by the skin at all, can be wasteful fruit only.

Wu Jun teachs a proposal, c of dietary complement vitamin also had better want to notice the complement of vitamin A and vitamin E at the same time. Because vitamin A adjustable skin reachs the metabolism of corneous layer, defer consenescence. Vitamin E can reduce vitamin A to reach multivariate the action of the oxidation of not saturated fatty acid, control cell oxidation, these can make skin qualitative get better improvement.

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