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Food of kidney empty appropriate tastes whole rally
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Kidney empty person appropriate eats following food.

Sesame seed
Gan Ping, have the effect of the five internal organs of filling liver kidney, embellish. Be like " classics of a book on Chinese medicine is scanty " in carry with respect to Ceng Ji: "Sesame seed, odour peace, not cold not hot, the beautiful Gu Ye of filling liver kidney. " especially the person waist acerbity leg of kidney empty is soft, dazed tinnitus, send withered deal with an offender and white hair of one's early years, the person that defecate dry writtens guarantee, most appropriate feeds.

Su Mi
Weigh millet, Ke again child. Can benefit kidney is angry. " renown cure is not recorded " reach " a book on Chinese medicine austral another name for Yunnan Province " in respecting " Su Mi raises kidney to enrage. " bright · Li Shizhen still says: "Millet, the Gu Ye of kidney, nephrosis appropriate feeds, the congee that boil feeds beneficial the pubic region, filling empty caustic. Filling empty caustic..

Call a meal beans, long beans again. The gender is smooth, flavour pleasant, can fill kidney be good at lienal, appropriate of the person that divide lienal empty is fed outside, the person of kidney empty also appropriate edible, to thirsty of kidney empty disappear, seminal emission, white chaotic, or pee frequency, woman leucorrhoea, feed most appropriate. " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " ever such account: "The beneficial in cowpea manage is angry, filling kidney be good at stomach, give birth to marrow. " " annals of Sichuan Chinese traditional medicine " also say it can " filling kidney of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, be good at taste, treat leucorrhoea,
Bovine marrow
Have the effect of marrow of embellish lung, filling kidney, beneficial. " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " say it can " embellish lung filling kidney, lustre flesh, yue face " . Thin to kidney empty caustic of anaemia of thin, essence person, particularly appropriate.

Dog meat
The gender is lukewarm, flavour is salty, divide outside the beneficial in filling enrages action, return can lukewarm kidney to help this world, weak or genu of inadequacy of reason kidney this world, waist is cold painful, feed most appropriate. " day Hua Ziben is careless " think: Dog meat " filling stomach is angry, zhuang Yang, warm waist genu, filling empty fatigue, beneficial qigong. " " cure forest bun wants " Yi Yun: "Dog meat filling lung is angry, solid kidney is angry. " Zhang Lu of home of quiet acting medical science still says: "Canine meat, lay yuan of empty person, feed most appropriate. " the person that leave yuan of void, namely kidney deficiency of yang fire of weak, the gate of vitality declines is also.
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