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5 big food repel panda eye thoroughly
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Until dawn of a few days of all night sees the Spring Festival dish, all night orgiastic... successive a few days make black rim of the eye more apparent. Want complete " annihilation " black rim of the eye, should begin from its cause of formation.

Cent of black rim of the eye is planted

One kind is blood-vessel black rim of the eye, because the skin all round orbit is particularly thin,be, and hypodermic organization little, once blood circulates not beautiful or hemal dilate, formed black rim of the eye; Another kind is pigment black rim of the eye, it is to point to the black rim of the eye that precipitation is all round orbit and arises because of pigment.
Form a reason

Cause the skin all round the eye besides constitutional heredity inherent melanin is deeper outside, smoking drinks, the mood is grave, think excessive or it is to stay up late cause the metropolis such as Morpheus inadequacy to cause black rim of the eye. In addition, the disease such as irritability rhinitis suffers from or eye ministry discharge makeup halfway pigment precipitates and lack physical training, it is blood the loop is undesirable the other factor that waits for daily life to go up.

5 kinds of food such as egg, sesame seed, carrot, film of the eye frost that because buy costly luxury,can let your dispense with, eye and " massive haemorrhage " , need to increase its intake in diet only, can make you and black rim of the eye say Byebye easily!

◆ egg

Congee of millet rice egg treats periodontosis

Because high grade protein is contained a lot ofin the egg, and protein can promote rejuvenesce again, accordingly often edible egg, increase to be absorbed proteinly, the formation of black to alleviating rim of the eye has certain effect. But the nutrition that because human body is daily,can absorb two eggs place to contain only at most, because this edible egg is unfavorable,exceed two.

Some people are used to edible to lay an egg, in fact, unripe egg both neither is easy digest, still contain a bacterium, because this suggests,edible white coddle is everybody optimal. In addition, egg of lean lean, birds, aquatic product also contain a lot ofhigh grade protein, often this kind of food also conduces to edible the formation that reduces black rim of the eye, but be comprised as a result of the protein of the egg and be close to of human body most, absorb the effect so best.

◆ sesame seed

Eye doing eats sesame seed

The action publicity that sesame seed black sends, but the effect that its remove black rim of the eye may be little-known.
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