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Drink tea to be able to prevent female hipbone fracture
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On the west the person such as the Deweini of Australian university discovers through newest research, drink tea to conduce to senile woman preventing hipbone fracture.

The bone that the critical factor with the mainest fracture of senile woman hipbone is unit area is mineral density (ABMD) is low, namely the osteoporosis that common saying says, because the age is old, is not be caused by. Consider to discover, drink the relationship with tea and tall ABMD and close existence of danger of low hipbone fracture.

As population aged, hipbone fracture already made clinical and common disease. Old people osteoporosis is flimsy, reaction and lash-up ability are poor, when walking easy trip, slight outside force can send coxa ministry fracture. Be stimulated as a result of ache and lost walk function, cause huge blow to the body and mind of old people.

Investigator uses cross section research and fore-and-aft research, test and verify drinks the correlation between tea and hipbone fracture. Investigator chose 1500 ages to be in randomly the 70 females that come 85 years old. Use double can X line absorbs measurement Law (DXA) measures the 1st year to mix the 5th year their hipbone ABMD. After 5 years, right among them 1027 women undertake cross section studies, use questionnaire is investigated, evaluate drink tea daily and the correlation of ABMD. 5 years during, to research of sex of the look up before 164 women undertake, use 24 hours prandial reviewing, and the correlation that tea and ABMD drink when evaluating base line.

Consider to discover through cross section, the female hipbone total ABMD of tipple tea compares tall 2.8%(P<0.05) of the blame person that drink tea. After look up sex studies 4 years before, discover, total ABMD of hipbone of the person that drink tea is lost on average 1.6% , the person that and rather than drinks tea loses 4.0%(P<0.05) on average. This research hints, drink tea to conduce to senile woman preventing hipbone fracture.

Early before, american researcher considers to discover, what had absorbed much vitamin A through food or prandial replenishers is medium senile woman also may be met increase the risk that has hipbone fracture. This research test and verify absorb excessive vitamin A for a long time, inspect Huang Chun especially, may cause female hipbone osteoporosis. In the meantime, this research still reminds people, the vitamin is a kind strong must nutriment, it is beneficial to health, harmful to health also. The most appropriate origin should be food, is not prandial replenishers.

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