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Report of high pressure of microwave oven remain maintains clean have tricks of
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Update time: 2008-05-10 article origin: Zhongshan business signs up for an author: Unspecified

Microwave oven is a kind of technical content is higher product inside home appliance, high-pressured report is accompanied inside machine, be in so safeguard, when maintaining must careful, appear when microwave oven unusual or when the problem, need to ask professional personage to maintain, oneself are safeguarded and do not continue to use. Before undertaking maintaining to the interior of microwave oven, should disconnect first mains switch, unplug next power source outlet. When maintaining, do not think power source already was cut off and carelessness, because capacitance of the high pressure in the high-pressured loop of microwave oven once filled report, still remain inside have high-pressured report, want to take care to wipe so.

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