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How to heat boiling water of the gram that boil quickly
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Update time: 2008-05-10 article origin: Have writer of heaven and earth of all directions cate: Unspecified

Normally, the family heats boiling water of the gram that boil is, after in cold water bowl is being put after immersing gram first, leaving with flourishing baked wheaten cake, convert small fire infusion, burn the chaotic of gram Shang Hun that go out to show grey yellow, very between take time. Burn the method of soup of the gram that boil quickly:

1, first gram pan clean, drop does moisture.

2, boiler water is burned first, put gram again, water is measured slightly over gram (immersion gram makes an appointment with half inches) , use big baked wheaten cake to boil, will close to Shang Shui when working, add scram water, father boiler lid, stew boils 20 minutes, cast aside go the leather carapace of rise, boil 15 minutes again, gram blossoms crisp sodden, add candy to become gram liquid namely.

Use a law to heat boiled gram boiling water, soup clear color is green, when also be being saved some.

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