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Sell crab legerdemain big reveal the inside story
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Update time: 2008-05-10 article origin: Have writer of heaven and earth of all directions cate: Unspecified

Come out when crab is fat fall " the crab is poisonous " message, be confirmed basically already to be a false alarm, peking Man need not worry again eat crab to have the body bad. But, if you do not learn on a few action to sell crab in order to be on guard butcher, look at redemptive home to be short of jin short two, the crab that fills work in order to die, perhaps do not have the crab of broad and rounded abdomen of a female crab of the ovary and digestive glands of the crab, one cannot say for sure won't spoil one's appetite. For this, the person that the reporter visited a few pedlar, market control, industrial and commercial personnel and mercantile consumer, debunk among them mystery.

How be short of jin short 2

- way one: Sponge fill

Client general crab winkle is put in tray, pedlar enters the crab in tray metage of plastic bag bagging. This is the general technological process that sells crab, but can discover alertly slightly among them greatly hands or feet can be done.

When pedlar pours crab into bag, their pose is: The big toe of both hands and forefinger are placing tray, other finger is ticking off bag, and there still is a sponge however in the palm. This is to be sucked together full the sponge of water, the palm is pressed secretly, half jins of water was entered together with crab in bag. Next, pedlar calculates bag scale fund. That sponge is put into cistern to continue to fill water by conveniently.

- way 2: Magic pack

Itself of the bag that pack also can make magic stage property. Some pedlar already were installed in plastic bag beforehand a few hydraulic weight were held in bag.

- way 3: Connect body scale

A little astute client fears pedlar is on polybag make an issue of, ask then " naked say " , be about to crab is put in the metage on scale directly. However although your heart bright look is bright, pedlar also has way: Tighten pile of scale that be together with two, there is crab not only in such heft, still have a scale.

How bring the dying back to life - way one: Breathe artificially

The way that charges vivid crab with dead crab more acclaim as the peak of perfection letting a person. Conveniently of the meeting when pedlar sells crab from the fish out in cistern a crab lets you see state-owned parent first, put crab into cistern to let your differentiate anyway again next. See appear in cistern only one string strings together bleb, let you can't help believing pedlar place character: "You look, my this crab is vivid absolutely, still have energy of life! Still have energy of life!!
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