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2 kinds of methods differentiate millet by coloring
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Ever discovered on the free market of agricultural products millet of coloring of a few courses is selling. Alleged coloring, it is to show millet produces mildew to change, when losing edible value, speculator its after full, reoccupy yellow undertakes coloring, make its colour and lustre colourful yellow, cheat purchaser. People had the maize rice after this kind of coloring, can harm the body.

1, the sense organ differentiates a method

① colour and lustre: Fresh millet, colour and lustre is even, show golden scene, be full of burnish, the millet after coloring, colour and lustre fizzles out greatly, devoid burnish, like seeing bead bead colour and lustre.

② odour: Fresh millet, have the normal taste of a millet, the millet after coloring, wen Zhi has the taste of coloring element, if turmeric element has turmeric taste.

⑧ bath: Fresh millet, when be being washed with Wen Shuiqing, water quality is not yellow, the millet after coloring, when be being washed with Wen Shui, water quality is shown yellow.

2, chemistry differentiates a method

Sample thief in pestle of 25 grams park, join the anhydrous alcohol of 25 milliliter, abrade, take its to hang chaotic fluid 25 milliliter, in park colorimetric canal, the oxyhydrogen that joins 10 % next changes sodium 2 milliliter, concussion, quiet place is a short while, observe color changes, if show nacarat, showing millet is to use turmeric element colored.

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