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How to withhold the nutrition in vegetable
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Withhold Laoxie as far as possible: Have some of vegetable Laoxie, because be born period long, accept illumination time to grow, nutrient is accumulated much, reason cannot entirely discards.

Gross an edible: A little vegetable nutrition composition is in centrally mostly hypodermic, in husk in the process make nutrient composition gross is taken away together easily, want exterior free from contamination only so, answer gross eats together.

First abluent hind cut: Before cook is vegetable, want first abluent hind section or silk, a variety of vitamins that contain in vegetable, belong to water-solubility vitamin mostly, after cutting, wash again can make a lot of vitamins deliquescent Yu Shuizhong, cause nutrient loss.

Fast cook: The battalion nurturance that contains in vegetable is divided, mostly cannot high temperature resistant, long fry long boil, losing nutrition is more.

Advocate eat raw: The vegetable such as cucumber, tomato, turnip, bean sprouts, pachyrhizus, can eat raw eat raw as far as possible, or abluent hind iron with boiled water, cut piece or silk, eat with spice cold and dressed with sause. The nutrient composition that can make vegetable medium so spares destroy.

Add feed vinegar: When cook is vegetable, to protect vitamin C, exterminate the rudimental bacterium in vegetable, can add a dot to feed vinegar appropriately before giving boiler, can flavor already, can protect vegetable nutrition again.

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