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Do acetic smooth dish to be not used do not stick boiler
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Update time: 2008-04-27 article origin: Have writer of heaven and earth of all directions cate: Unspecified

Because do not stick the bases of boiler coating,be to get together 4 fluorine ethylene, its union strength is not high, cannot enclothe completely sticking boiler surface, can cause partial metal layer bare and outer, wait for acidity food like tomato, hawkthorn, or the acidity dish such as acetic smooth Chinese cabbage, fish in sweet and sour sauce, a large number of vinegar are joined in the meeting when cooking, especially fish in sweet and sour sauce, it is to put vinegar first, in oil lukewarm below very tall condition, acetic acid corrodes bare metallic layer easily, once partial metal layer is corroded can expand, bring about coating to fall off thereby, enter system along with dish inside, bring certain influence to health.

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