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Dumpling stuffing practice
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Get the materials ready: The pork that take a skin (steaky pork or before buttock is pointed) 2 jins, leek 2 jins (choose green vegetable, of violet root petty the sort of) , jiang Yi is small, salt, cooking wine

The practice of leek stuffing dumpling:

Pork is abluent cut chunk, add a ginger, boil in vain, water is not put too much;

Boil goes float foam, opening a lid, small fire is boiled;

Boil the flesh to be able to be in with the chopstick fully ripe, remain a bit Bai Younong's broth;

Pork cuts Cheng Xiaoding, arrive in the basin, enter broth, mix even, let soup absorb the flesh in, had better not give soup, broth became much can remain a few;

Join a bit cooking wine (cannot too much, the Shang Tai of stuffing is much, also can affect taste) , jiang Mo;

The leek that falls to had been cut (7, 8 millimeter is long) , after agitate is good, enter a few olive oil or ripe peanut oil, agitate divide evenly;

Before Bao Zhi, put saline agitate divide evenly; (Oil laps the water portion in leek and pork, put salt again, kill water not easily give water to come)

Dumpling skin adds an egg knead dough, a bit hard spot, as far as possible lever is gotten thin big (buy off-the-peg OK also) ;

After the package is nice, do boiled water, issue dumpling, it is good that boiler opened in a way to be boiled (Pi Gang is ripe give boiler, the leek after giving boiler still is met from ripe, so must not ham) ;

Sweet clew:

Boil good dumpling, leek is firm ripe, skin very thin, it is green so green, translucent, very good-looking, taste particularly fresh and tender, leek flavour is very thick.

Leek is delicious, but eat much, not quite good also digest, the person with young function of intestines and stomach can be added in stuffing some scramble egg mincingly, vermicelli made from bean starch. Condiment also can impose some of chicken fine because of taste be fond of, pepper (the practice with him the realest preference) .

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