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Instruct you cabinet of disinfection of choose and buy of hero of a mind which p
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As social consumption level rise ceaselessly, the kitchen also entered the new era of healthy vogue. Energy-saving, environmental protection, the contemporary kitchen electric equipment of full of beautiful things in eyes, not only the labor intensity that can reduce domesticity, and can make a kitchen neater and beautiful, among them, disinfecting ark is a kind of these healthy home appliance.

Common saying says: Get ill by the mouth, that how better in food " the entrance " before strangle its, where is the healthy guard that has done you? ─ of ─ of healthy home appliance disinfects ark, it is a right choice.

As a result of the Chinese's characteristic: The bowl chopsticks after eating a meal is fat and not easy cleanness, plus warm hospitality, dish is placed each other between banquet, the infestation that gives a bacterium thereby had an opportunity that can be exploited to sbs advantage. Accordingly, disinfection of chopsticks of the bowl after eat becomes very important, do not take care otherwise medium " get ill by the mouth " action, and right now, alexipharmic ark can produce his effect. Now nowadays, although the sale manufacturer of alexipharmic ark is numerous, and each sale delegate is returned than can " flicker " , with price privilege (idiomatic gimmick: Discount of formula sale, high specified number) make bait with gift, the effectiveness of exaggerated disinfection ark, so at this moment you must pie-eyed, a mind which perceives both past and future go differentiating the hero in disinfecting ark.

   The choose and buy disinfects ark oriental cherry to teach you hero of a mind which perceives both past and future knowledge
Want a choose and buy to disinfect ark, want to understand the sort that disinfects ark above all, go according to oneself demand again on the market choose and buy. In disinfecting ark to basically disinfection of high temperature of far infrared ray, ozone adds ultraviolet ray disinfection of lukewarm disinfection, high temperature of far infrared ray and ozone are added lukewarm combination disinfects 3 kinds in ultraviolet ray. The cubage of ark is disinfected to wait for have everything that one expects to find to 350L from 30L on the market, generally speaking, a 3 home wants 90 litres of ability to be able to be satisfied at least set requirement, next basis economy actual strength, can choose the alexipharmic ark of different class and different type, if bridal chamber whole is decorated,can choose easy what match with integral hutch ark is embedded alexipharmic ark, if be to show a room to acquire,optional choose vertical disinfects ark or wall hung disinfect ark, so that Yu An is installed.
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