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Teach you to differentiate the quality of bamboo shoot
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Bamboo shoots in spring is to point to be in " the Beginning of Spring " to " rainwater " the bamboo shoot that these half the middle of a month produces. The bamboo shoot that digs at this moment, it is the tender needle of some of fat short sincere, it is the curiosa in bamboo shoot.

Early bamboo shoot was to had pointed to " the Waking of Insects " firm break ground and the bamboo shoot that give. It has body weak point, qualitative tender, empty red-letter day little, flesh is qualitative thick feature. Quality of early bamboo shoot is better than bamboo shoots in spring.

Differentiate the quality of winter bamboo shoots

In the bamboo shoot of the production before the Beginning of Spring, call winter bamboo shoots. Fresh winter bamboo shoots is bamboo shoot kind the person above average in the product, because it is qualitative tender, delicious, rich nutrition and relaxed and goluptious and be known as high-grade dish.

The winter bamboo shoots with good quality, huang Liang of colour and lustre of bamboo shoot carapace, bamboo shoot system is straight, head needle is bottom and largish, length is in 16 ~ 20 centimeters, garment of the carapace on the body is little, the hand is held go up have thick feeling, state the flesh pledges completely tall. If bamboo shoot body bends, bottom is wide, housing quality hair is dark, the hand is held go up have sound, demonstrative flesh is qualitative little, quality is poor. Crust has knife mark, it is to dig what be defeated by blade when winter bamboo shoots not to affect edible.

Differentiate bamboo shoot and Mao Sun

Pick the bamboo shoot with good quality, besides the feature of a few quality that already introduced, basically see the root head of bamboo shoot.

(Above the root head of 1) bamboo shoot one is shown white, incarnadine, flaxen, quality of a material is tenderer, if have red seed plain boiled pork, have an opening tenderer. If the appearance of bamboo shoot submits flat form, belong to qualitative tender bamboo shoot. The Mao Sun of yellow carapace yellow mud, criterion the flesh is whiter, tenderer, smell is sweet also.

(Above the root head of 2) bamboo shoot one shows deep yellow, the extensive in fizzling out is green, have an opening old.

(Puce of carapace of 3) bamboo shoot, the hand is held go up have soft weak feeling, have humid feeling very, above root head one shows deep yellow, and the area is wet, it is the Yin Sun with poor quality.

(Crust of body of 4) bamboo shoot is loose, root head is empty, on root head one has a scar spot that eat by moth has climbed a cinnamon bug, it is bamboo shoot of eat by moth, quality is the poorest.
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