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How to wash white dress clean
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Update time: 2008-04-27 article origin: Author of net of home appliance of 10 thousand dimension: Unspecified

To make white shirt whiter, when catharsis, can be in the washing powder solution with good bubble, add bleaching powder, immerse 20 after coming 30 minutes, clean again. Additional, often use the leach that clean out rice to wash, white shirt fizzles out with respect to not easy hair; Or after the dress is abluent, put a full in blue inky rinses again, also can prevent white garment hair effectively to fizzle out.

White vest is worn long often send yellow. If the method first is,make old vest white: Use clear water to wash first, reoccupy soap or washing powder knead, after clear water has been washed, with soap or washing powder gently rub goes out, no longer full, put polybag next in, plunge into good mouth, l hour above is basked in below sunlight, again rub is washed come out.

When washing white sock, should put in hot water only 2 to 3 lemon, immerse the white sock after washing 10 minutes next, sock very easy and abluent. With the bath of the turnip that boil Bai Yi is taken, bilge goes easily, if whiteness is new.

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