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Smoke lampblack machine to clean little common sense
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Update time: 2008-04-27 article origin: Author of network of news of Zhang Jia mouth: Unspecified

Family expenses discharges impeller of lampblack engine fan to put oily dirty easily, do not clean for long, oily dirty is accumulated thick, motor of platoon lampblack machine turns obstruction increases, noise increases, and oily dirty makes stick above oily drop to swing do not go out, discharge phenomenon of lampblack machine occurrence dribble. Because this answers nonsked undertake cleaning.

Say commonly, platoon lampblack machine is not easy unpick and wash. Because platoon lampblack machine is in,leave factory school outfit from time to tome very important " dynamic balance is nodded " already mix up. Non-professional unpick and wash discharges lampblack machine to wash a machine, easy destroy a machine " dynamic balancing " make discharge lampblack engine noise to increase, damage even a lampblack machine.

So, we had better use lampblack machine to clean an agent. Because lampblack machine cleans an agent,activator of embedded and advanced surface reachs auxiliary. The characteristic is to change " oily " for water. Machine of new platoon lampblack wants to go up to impeller of platoon lampblack machine regularly every week only eject a few, motor turns, can swing oily dirty into oil storage box.

Use method: The platoon lampblack machine that already had used wants to clean clean impeller with clear lotion first only, with

Hind weekly and fixed eject can be cleaned a few times. To discharging the oily dirty on lampblack machine wall to clean, should

Above all open machine is motor, get on in season of account of clear lotion mist to impeller, the oil on machine wall

Dirty is cleaned after the agent is metamorphic, wall of Yi Keshun machine flows into oil storage box. Age oil

Dirty should overall disassemble after be being cleaned, machine of commonly used lampblack is cleaned after

The agent can make sure the machine is long and clean.

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