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With freezer cold putting 4 days is to " bank "
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Update time: 2008-04-27 article origin: Kitchen jewel author: Unspecified

A lot of people regarded freezer as in the home " food disinfects ark " , think the food in freezer of lay aside existence is Undefined Undefined healthful. Actually, freezer often is not cleaned again because of depositing food for a long time, can cause an a lot of bacteria. Stalking or branch · of Er of Mack of director of center of safety of food of American Zun Zhiya university Dr. Na Daoer suggests, although the food in freezer is outside look fresh still, but had deteriorated actually. To ripe flesh kind food stores mediumly in freezer time should not exceed 4 days.

The temperature of commonly used cold storage that freezer keeps thing of suffer form indigestion is 4 to 8 ℃ , below this kind of environment, the bacterium of great majority grows speed is met rein in. But some bacteria however be addicted to is cold, dark bacterium of the Er that be like Ye, Lisite bacterium can grow breed quickly instead below this kind of temperature, if edible affected the provision of this kind of bacterium, can cause alvine path disease. And in the refrigerant box of freezer, temperature is in 0 times commonly 18 ℃ left and right sides, below this kind of temperature, general bacterium can be restrained or kill, it is better that food is deposited to have inside this so last action. But refrigerant do not be equal to completely can antiseptic, still the bacterium with some of stronger capability that fight aspic can survive come down. So, from another angle for, if freezer often is not disinfected, can become a few bacteria instead " hotbed " .

Any food do not want in the time of keep in storage in freezer too long, had better accomplish along with buy along with eat, because time of keep in storage is too long, what affect provision already is delicious, easy generation peculiar smell. Still have a few fruits, wait like banana, apple, if put long easy also metamorphism, once metamorphism can come loose,give out a kind of harmful to human body gas. The food in freezer also is not deposited overmuch, such meetings make alimental exterior temperature is low and in-house temperature is high bring about metamorphism.

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