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How to decide washing powder dosage
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Update time: 2007-12-01 article origin: Author of commonsensible doohickey net: Unspecified

1, washing powder dosage can consult the specification on scour, be like the dress not quite dirty or the bubble when catharsis is overmuch, want to reduce washing powder dosage, avoid washing powder to use excess, not only be economical and protect an environment, can make washing machine more durable.

2, a lot of people have illusion, think washing powder is washed neatlier with more clothings. Actually, washing powder is used excessive, can build up to reach washing machine in clothings instead inside, the meeting after sewage is discharged destroys zoology environment. Manufacturer of platen washing machine is safeguard consumer rights and interests and protective environment. Already made a few regulations in 97 years, the target includes to decrease in dosage of the washing powder inside 5 years 10% , reduce cannot decompose naturally so that raw material bad news uses 10% .

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