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Your household is weekly must clean
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In returning the home, also be housewife people when chairing homemaking, clear away the home neatly, or else of family one's family can say " not " word.

Toilet -- threw closed to work

Towel, no matter face-cloth, bath towel, towel, often contact with leather fat, moisture is compared again after using, cause a bacteria the most easily, often should clean so, disinfect with drop dew, bask in in the air below enough sunshine next.

But in catharsis pollute 2 times easily also, so best method, threw namely.

Although the trendy towel of cloth with soft nap of thick, cloth with soft nap on the market is very much, but the sort of thin thin, soft soft short-haired pelt towel is pretty good also, low-cost, after using work easily again, cross 1 many months to be changed with new, brush a table oldly, brush those who brush a table the ground, threw those who brush the ground. Circulating to use so, a towel also can be used on 3, 4 months, both neither is wasteful not spend money.

Sit implement cleanness is brushed carry bacterium normally, optional choose has those who add up to can base, automatic binding off the sort of, such cleanness are brushed after using by " seal " , bacterium diffuses not easily in air. And brush sit to be encircled also but need not dishcloth, use towel of alexipharmic wet paper however, after brushing, throw namely sit implement sweep.

The bath shade of toilet becomes moldy the most easily, when decorating, general metropolis installs exhaust fan. But compare exhaust fan, the effect that takes wet chance is better, can pump moisture in the air a little while after bath dry, and bulk is cabinet, can move to be used to other room, collect rise very convenient also.

Much is bottle container canister in toilet, the dew of shampoo, bath, grandma that wash a face, cosmetic... different person's different hair pledges skin pledges, become oneself again. Marital child gave out, like conveniently to be put mostly. The source that can you be a bacterium damply? How to teach previously metropolis " forget " , now " long memory " , after using, wipe, take in in cabinet. Nowadays on the windowsill of toilet, on mesa clean, housewife people a handicraft and photo are decorated to come over, toilet is more beautiful.

The pillow was torn open bask in

The day with bright sunshine, the housewife that housekeeping of be apt to people always should bask in bask in a quilt, won't forget to bask in the pillow that basks in family one's family more.

The person has the time of 1/3 and pillow to be contacted intimately, the skin evaporates reach the foul air that excretes inside body to experience core of many infiltration pillow, sweat be soiled, oily dirty also meets scalp excretive ceaseless be contaminated, make the pillow becomes the place that shelter evil people and practices. Although pillow towel and pillowcase often can be cleaned, but that is only " take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure " , the foul odour inside pillow core is indelible. Hear the pillow core that hears you, have faint bad taste? If suffer from respiratory tract, enteron or skin contagion to wait, still can carry bacterium, virus or parasite pillow core, hard to avoid is between family alternate infection. So, often bask in, let sunshine take away peculiar smell, morpheus also is met sweeter.
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