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Torture in China domestic industry for 20 years: the complex to be solved indu
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North called "Little Nanny", the South called "Auntie", the relevant term as well as "cleaning", "Yuesao" Some also called "hourly." Their jobs in front of every member of society, underlie two or more families, the relationship between well-being of the whole society the most basic index. However, in after their personal career development strategy up to the national macro, but always be unconscious forgotten. They are domestic workers. Everything is quietly changing. Sept. 1, the State Council promulgated the "New Deal domestic service," said family services "for increasing employment, improving people's livelihood, expanding domestic demand, readjusting the industrial structure has an important role" proposed "to solve the employment, development of industry, national economy new growth point "of expectations. This means that, in the "second Five-Year" period, domestic service will be the solution to social stability, economic transition and other countries important starting point for one of the fundamental issues. "Low-level form of slash and burn" - This is a domestic industry practitioners on the evaluation of the status quo. The company's management, integrity, regulatory issues ... ... the quality of domestic workers issues, training issues, rights issues ... ... Many issues are intertwined, so that the family services development in China is only vulnerable industry for 20 years, long-term creeping on the ground. New Deal has been out whether the domestic industry, worthy of a burden? Complicated by potential industry chaos can be resolved? The distance between ideal and reality, how far? Domestic companies in the reception room, Aunt May, and employers have trouble doing a group. "You are prolactin model? Massage simply not right, almost hurts like me!" Employers are angry questions. Aunt Mei confidently: "Breast pain is inherently unreasonable, massage all their own way, and there is no uniform standard, there is no right or wrong!" Business Manager is a sophisticated side to side to apologize to pull out of Aunt May, and soon introduce another domestic workers to employers. Employers are impatient: "I am a month for Sa, and each related to not the same as you say!" "Her family downtown kids every night, I sleep less than five hours a day, or rest breaks during the day, who by then? That new customers had just been introduced is to return to the company so that the lying is not stop the change, got enough hours on the line. "muttered Aunt May. In this way, her "unemployment" was. Her business manager button 100 "agency fee" Auntie Mei worked 7 days to get 600 yuan. In the afternoon, Aunt May found a smaller domestic companies. "Domestic company size does not matter, anyway, are not Guan Shier introduced over the living." Aunt Mei newspaper in an interview a few years more experience, also own big boast a lot, it was named "Senior Yuesao ", take on a monthly salary of 4,000 yuan salary. Aunt Mei is very proud of. "This is the advantage of small companies, 'level' assessment of the high-ah!" She is quite aware, domestic companies, and there is no strict classification criteria, are the final say to myself, so even the "jaundice" do not understand the "Yuesao" also say he did four or five years. Domestic companies also know that they lie, but not burst, but also to introduce them to go out exaggeration of, because the higher the level, domestic companies will be more referral fees. "We are all sitting on a boat, and my heart are mirror-like, out of the thing till it." Aunt May with a "circle Azeri," tone of narrative, had in a district with a bunch of small Yuesao, in order to collective lazy to feed their children sleeping pills to nursing. Are found, nanny ran away, the company moved home to dry. That night, Mei aunt lived in the company's office - less than 50 square meters this place to sleep 17 people. Aunt Mei quickly spread a quilt, because "we should start sitting sleep late." The next day, Mei aunt decided to send ads to help the company, and in the nearby district hospital, finished his 30 500 dollars, "all day long made domestic companies are advertising, which job I am familiar with." Afternoon, Aunt May finally, etc. to a new employer. One to their employers, Aunt May got the 500 dollars, because employers want to Aunt consecutive dry month of May, in the middle do not rest. Evening, Aunt Mei received two telephone calls, one fellow call, to put a myocardial infarction in the hospital, hoping to borrow some money Aunt May. Aunt Mei sad: "We were afraid to break something something to lose money, second, fear of illness, onset of students who ah!" Domestic workers are not social security, they are in the flow between domestic companies and employers, their own lives themselves. The second phone call from the family, said Liu Mei aunt's younger brother's wife to Beijing tomorrow, would like to nurse. On the third day, taking advantage of grocery shopping Aunt Mei Kung Fu took Liu, Liu met with a horse. The middle horse is sold exclusively in nanny certificate, submitted a photo and 500 yuan, Liu horse can do to 5 certificates, two of which are numbered to search the Internet - because the site is also a nag them to do The. Then, Mei Liu aunt taught how to domestic companies to look for work. That night, Liu to the "intermediate Yuesao" sleep as Aunt May in the original position. The fourth day, the business manager called Liu to participate in "training", Liu followed an experienced side in the years between Yuesao learning, while the customer should always come out to participate in the interview. Liu was lucky, in the evening, she set the employer. Of course, the employers thought they had found an experienced Yuesao. Business Manager said: "The two companies will receive a referral fee of less than 200 yuan, where can Guan Dele so much." Aunt May has been done for 8 years nanny, replaced dozens of companies, served numerous employers. She has since closed on the child played by employers, but also because something broke ran from their employers. She "cheated" a lot of domestic companies, domestic companies are also a lot of hard-earned money withheld. She has been helpless and sick to carry their own past, not live to live in various places dry. She said that this line very hard, but still do it again a few years, "earning himself a retirement money."
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