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Domestic service companies as supermarkets moved into the community
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Xiamen domestic service companies, but do little to open in the community, the public must first telephone appointment is necessary. But in the future, domestic service companies in Xiamen, as supermarkets moved into the community. Xiamen City pilot program of domestic service system has recently been the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, agreed in principle, 8.8 million yuan pilot funds have been issued, the four companies will use the funds, the supermarket-type, chain type entered domestic service at least 40 community. Xiamen get money to support a number of specific domestic companies, so they set up a number of convenience services directly in the community, provide services such as maternal and child care, child care transfers and home care and other common services. Since domestic service into the community, the public is tantamount to the "nursing home" to open in the home, after paying 600 yuan per month to 650 yuan, you can enjoy the housekeeper come once or twice a day service. In addition, after the completion of domestic supermarkets, the elderly and children to domestic supermarkets can "to work", where a snack, watch TV and enjoy doorstep hosting. It is reported that if the project goes well, next June, some quarters of the residents can enjoy these services. However, Xiamen is not all subsidies are one-time to domestic services company, domestic service system for the pilot of financial support, in principle, more than 50% of total investment, and the project to be issued after acceptance of funds, which Four domestic companies are domestic service into the community to see the huge market prospects, to try voluntary.
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