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No identity without relying on the status of practitioners of Chinese domestic
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Most of the new generation of migrant workers do not want to dry, Home Economics, older gradually withdraw Domestic service is lean Today, large and small, domestic companies everywhere, the number of domestic service the rapid growth. The emergence of domestic workers, so that the busy city people removed the burden of housework, the transfer of rural surplus labor force also plays a role. However, around the "nanny shortage" frequent, indicating that domestic service is the most female migrant workers in the last resort career choice for young people born in 80,90 even more so. Survey, the age of domestic service workers have become increasingly prominent structural contradictions. A domestic service company staff said most of the current domestic employees under 40 years to 50 years old, 20 years old to 30-year-old service personnel only occupy a small part of the young domestic workers, a serious shortage of supply, if not taken timely and effective measures may even be the fault of service personnel. When I asked: "monthly salary of 3,000 yuan 2,000 yuan monthly salary of domestic workers and company staff, which would you choose?" When Oda college students in Beijing did not hesitate to choose the latter. Oda said bluntly: "I come from rural areas, know the parents is not easy for me to college after graduation, I need a return looks pretty decent job family, the face of friends." The author conducted at the university campus random survey, more than 90% of the students and Oda made the same choice, only a few students will be half-jokingly said: If the wage gap is really big, you may consider this in domestic service industry. In the Chinese traditional values, domestic workers is a very decent job, is to see others acting under his face and so on. What is more, think that, in this society, most domestic workers are undocumented no status. Working girl of the house staff Miss Wang believes that the current staff in domestic service, a considerable number of people because there is no knowledge, no skills, in a last resort before choosing this profession. Miss Wang said: "The domestic service also requires specific skills, and the community is widely recognized that 'household do not need technology, everyone can do housekeeping' point of view, is largely domestic service one kind of misunderstanding." Miss Wang introduced an ordinary domestic workers need to receive pre-job cooking, cleaning, housekeeping, elderly care, feeding, legal knowledge in areas such as training, and training institutions in the development of good housekeeping in Shanghai, domestic service workers who are mostly needed eligible for license to posts. Miss Wang said: "take a professional, high-end of the road is a domestic service in the future development trend." At present, domestic service because there is no comprehensive legal protection, industry standards is not yet institutionalized, and a variety of professional training institutions are not perfect, so that our domestic service career of the road is not very clear, leading to the present services to the community on domestic deposits a misconception that it is not technical content, is that everyone can do the job. Twenty years since the implementation of family planning policy, as one child after the main force of 80,90 has slowly into the community, go to work. These young people born in 80,90, even from rural areas, small or eaten too hard, basically did not care for the elderly and children experience, and they tend to have higher academic qualifications than their parents with the knowledge of migrant workers expectations are higher than their parents, and hard-working spirit of the Queyuanburu their predecessors, many people do not want to dirty work, Leihuo living with low income. Young workers into the city staff for their own living conditions and living standards more demanding, they want better treatment in the more relaxed and professional, I hope to be able to have more space for self-development and career achievement. Born in 1986, Xiao Zheng, from the rural areas of Henan. 20-year-old aunt brought by the city, my aunt began to follow along with the most to do domestic service, a year later gave up the domestic service industry 小郑 as a supermarket cashier. "I do not fit the job," Xiao Zheng admitted that "because of room and board to be in the employers home, I feel bound, can not do what you want to do. For example, I like listening to music when I was in the cleaning can be cleaned while listening to music, it does not conflict, but employers may not like it. "Xiao Zheng helpless, said:" Man his face is a very bad thing. I wish I had time to stroll the dominant city, feel the atmosphere of the city. "Although domestic workers may be likened to the supermarket cashier earning higher wages, Xiao Zheng still gave up, family supports her decision. "My family does not expect a girl how much money out of an eye-opener just want to still young, over two years, I want to go home to open a bakery, I was interested and read some books." On to a future plan, Xiao Zheng contain his vision. In addition to the level of salaries, and now more and more domestic workers began to focus on the environment, is it easy to get along with other aspects of the family, the young generation, especially in domestic service. Working girl of the house staff, said: "As the special nature of domestic service, work more difficult and generally low wages and lack of professional pride Moreover, the concept of social traditions of discrimination still prevalent, more and more young people would rather Choose a low wage job is not willing to give up their freedom and dignity the most important reason to do domestic workers. "into the city's new generation of domestic workers refused to dry, some older than 50 years of domestic service gradually from the industry" retreat ", making domestic service is lean into trouble.
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