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China to speed up the development of domestic service domestic name brands to b
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Recently, Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting, specializes in the development of family services in the deployment of policies and measures. This shows that China will further the development of family services. At present, China has been created at all levels All kinds of domestic service entity 2099, domestic training base 1594, the cumulative 280 million to provide skills training for women. National Family Services has more than 50 million businesses and outlets, employing more than 1,500 people, roughly 20 Multiple categories, 200 kinds of services involving housework, family care, maintenance services, property management and other aspects. China's domestic service has reached 160 billion yuan in turnover, for the expansion of domestic demand, increasing employment, " Force. " 40% of urban households in urgent need for domestic service Haidian Area with domestic service in front of the company, full of people, who come to seek an endless stream of family services, service personnel on the go. A woman surnamed Wang, said work pressure is now really busy Years, a home attendant for the government to share some of our family did a lot less to worry about work. Refined social division of labor, urban family structure of the small, aging population and modern life; families in their children's education, personal health, home environment, leisure forms, social contacts and other lifestyle changes , Prompting residents, including housework, family care for the elderly and other aspects of the growing number of demand for services, requiring higher and higher standards of service. Survey shows that 40% of our cities needs of the family home-style class of family services, and economically developed cities and on the foreign nanny, Yuesao, "white-collar household," or high-end professional skills such as surge in demand for family services. Days Jin published 2009 "vocational training level of cost and market demand for the directory" display, 26 were classified as domestic workers demand "very critical skills" one. Currently, the city has exceeded domestic service industry personnel gaps 7 Million. Deputy Inspector of the National Bank of Union Security Yuqing said that domestic service is to ease the contradiction of employment, to broaden their job to protect the employment rights of workers an important way, but also the lives of service to meet the growing needs residents To. Domestic workers has become an indispensable economic and social development of the force. Household name brands to build multi-city Urgent need to stimulate the domestic market around the home services industry to flourish. Recently, the first family Dongguan Service Centre officially opened, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Kunming and Xuzhou City Centre have been established domestic service network, Efforts to build community, "10-minute service ring." Xinjiang to be in 3 years training 20,000 domestic workers. Shandong "Sister Sunshine", Tianjin, "half the sky" and has become a high number of market share, management, standardized operation and good social reputation Heroine domestic service brand. Chengdu to build the "Chuanmei Zi" services brand is expected to become To go abroad with the "maid", "English butler" competing against world-class brands such as local Chinese domestic brands. Similarly, domestic service is also eyeing the high-end market. Domestic companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen, a company jointly the "Chinese maid" training program will be held in Manila, the Philippines, the first batch of 30 participants will go to the Philippines, Were closed for about six months training, training courses, including English conversation and communication, home economics, vocational home economics concept of education, professional skills training, home economics, while the foreign family practice. Department of Human Resources and Social Security said migrant workers working Secretary, Wang Zhihong, China in the future will continue to improve domestic service industry policy and regulatory system to promote the healthy development of domestic service, the service industry as the country China's economy leading industries, and strive to "Eleventh Five", so that service consumption the proportion of total consumption to 37% or so. Government efforts to regulate domestic service Kim arrived in Beijing to work, would like to ask a hourly workers to help clean up the kitchen grease. "Hourly workers came to our house did not bring any tools, but also commanded me to buy steel, detergent and stuff." Mr. Kim said, "Checkout did not think she calculated the difference between the start time with me a lot. I think the quality of domestic service is the key, the quality of training is very important." Silver Yuqing said that the rapid development of China's domestic service, while also facing inadequate laws and regulations, domestic market management confusion and lack of a comprehensive training system, mechanisms for domestic workers the rights that the absence of other aspects of Q Problems. Premier Wen Jiabao today stressed the need to strengthen employment services and vocational skills training, family services practitioners to effectively maintain the legitimate rights and interests, regulate domestic service agencies, family and domestic workers the rights and duties between , Increase fiscal and tax policy support. Last July, the State Council approved the establishment of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Commerce, the National Federation of Trade Unions, the National Women's Federation and other eight departments to establish joint development of family services to promote employment, issued "on Promote "domestic service project" Implementation of opinion ", whose main duty is to promote the establishment of domestic industries and improving relevant laws and regulations. "Concord High maternal and child care training course," opening in Beijing recently. In the future, Beijing will follow suit Yuesao care workers, should receive professional training, through maternal and child nurse assessment, and the bearer of employment posts. Engaged in household services Large-scale training of service industry personnel throughout the country have been started.
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