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Regulate practitioners of Chinese domestic enterprises were exempted from the co
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Family Services refers to the family as a target to meet the needs of family life for the purpose, to provide various services to families the importance of service industries for the content, including domestic service , pension services, community care services, patient escort service 4 a format.

The development of family services nationwide video conference decided that the future should the development of domestic service domestic service as the top priority, take effective measures to promote its development. In addition to the above tax incentives, the state will study and formulate the system of domestic service employee labor and employment policies and labor standards; regulate domestic service agencies practicing law behavior, and actively promote the construction of credibility and mutual trust to create a supply and demand sides, safe and reliable market environment ; next year will take the lead in the conditional support system of domestic service employees to establish a group of companies.

In addition, to promote old-age services, community care services and patient escort service three formats development, the state will begin to implement the community service system for timely construction, domestic service areas to support community building and developing the multi-level old-age services, encourage the development of disability home services people to explore the development of patient escort service standards and effective ways and means.

Development of family services for member units of the Ministry of Employment joint conference with Development and Reform Commission Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, the National Federation of Trade Unions, Communist Youth League Central, the National Women's Federation.

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