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Change an angle to solve difficult problem of invite applications for a job
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See a data recently, saying is to be in manpower resource practitioner, the working difficulty that does invite applications for a job is the greatest, to this I am to have feeling greatly. Be in a company I am HR manager, the invite applications for a job of responsible corporation, groom, assessment a series of manpower resource supervises the work; When confronting a client, I am advisory adviser, help enterprise solves manpower resource to manage the each respect difficult problem in the process. It is the part of HR manager no matter, still seek advice from advisory role, what make me headache most is problem of invite applications for a job. What it affects not only is the working outstanding achievement of HR branch, also become outstanding achievement of other and departmental door not to amount to the best excuse that job of mark, job did not finish directly.

So invite applications for a job is bad, where be hard after all? Be channel not free? Be a talent too little? Be charge too tall? Be discriminate player Duan Bujia? Be quality of personnel of invite applications for a job not tall? Be like various reasons to have. But job of invite applications for a job passed so old exploration and research, actually a lot of enterprises had obtained a breakthrough in these groovy respects, why is difficult problem of invite applications for a job still solved hard? I am making discover when research to this problem, so we go to invite applications for a job of bureau be confined to works and talk about invite applications for a job, did not change an angle to think, break away from particular invite applications for a job when us when the job undertakes an analysis, can discover invite applications for a job is bad, the likelihood is in hard what post designs is unreasonable, the likelihood is difficult do not reach the designated position in what groom, the likelihood is in hard a lot of otherer the square field surface that remains to explore.

This not, be in recently such case was encountered when carrying out performance to examine a system for a civilian look forward to. The performance system of this enterprise passed two months those who try to move and refer advisory half an year dog coach, got the height of company management group is approbated, the respect accuses to be reflected in the canal of work efficiency and working quality gave favorable effect. But withdraw enterprise hind stage by stage in advisory division, the performance assessment of this enterprise steps forward however dimension difficult, carry out smoothly hard, and the difficulty of invite applications for a job of the person that the post of manager of branch of general management ministry that the reason depends on a company be in charge of manpower resource managing holds a post is too great, all the time vacancy.

When helping this enterprise design constituent structure at the outset, the adviser of the company once mixed the boss of this enterprise happened to have a difference of opinions with respect to the setting of function management department: Our viewpoint is sectional setting specializations as far as possible, the function that shoulds not be will too much incorporates together, especially management of resource of business management, manpower and administration kind the function with bigger difference of content of these a few routine. But this industry employer thinks small company cannot have too much department, the branch increases to mean the addition of middle-level cadre, also mean the addition of labour cost and high-level government range, because this insists to incorporate a few afore-mentioned function,establish general management department, make public external manager of department of general management of invite applications for a job.
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