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Raise basic level team to implement power, tamp enterprise seizes deficient base
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"Without any excuse " it is the most serious code of conduct that American West Point is pursued 200 years. Of its aggrandizement is each student think method to finish the job, is not to was not finished the job searchs excuse, even if be to see plausible excuse, what it reflects is a kind of perfect executive force.

And " executive force " not strong it is the problem of a general character that the enterprise exists generally. " carry out -- the knowledge that how finishs the job " one book author pointed out " executive force " on any account is minute of key that gives enterprise superior success or failure. The Biergaici of Microsoft ever also said frankly " challenge even if implement power what what Microsoft future is faced with 10 years. " can say, the in a sense is told, the core competition ability of the enterprise depends on implementing power. And the footing that the executive force of layer of low level management is company executive force and attributive dot, so, how to enhance the executive power of layer of our low level management effectively? I think to want those who stress 4 respects ability to rise:

One, raise layer of low level management to learn force.

Contemporary resource manages theory to think, learning force is one of important signs of 21 centuries talent. In current and intense market competitive situation falls, whether in the get victory in the challenge, in commanding elevation of the race to control in competition, must be strengthened energetically and advocate " study force " education, establish the concept of lifelong study. Want to study a system through building layer of sound low level management, drive knowledge to update. Want to begin the study of the respect business such as management, cost, technology, market through a variety of forms, be opposite with getting used to factory ministry ceaselessly low level management person quality requirement.

2, raise layer of low level management decision-making power.

Rely on to immerse oneself in hardworking the enterprise that will participate in the market to compete, final the follow person that also can be competition of a market only. Same, hardworking to be being immersed oneself in for layer of low level management admittedly important, but brillant decision-making more important. And brillant decision-making, it is to build on scientific judgement and correct analytic foundation. This needs layer of our low level management to want to exert integral resultant force adequately, investigation and study, hold the spot and market correctly, develop democracy, normative program, concentration is decision-making. Decision-making once form hind, in-house fluctuation should accomplish a target to be the same as to, in step, strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions.

3, the innovation power that enhances layer of low level management
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