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Unscramble the current law of performance management
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About performance management, people has two kinds of disparate point of views, of the person that the person that holds positive attitude thinks performance management is business management " grail " , think it can help an enterprise implement its strategy goal and far seeing plan on older rate, in a few years of future, it will be one of the mainest government tools; Holding the person of negative attitude to think to be not crossed by the performance management of extensive be widely read is the insipidity that feeds together, abandon regrettablly chicken ribs just, they think " be fed up with " the regular job program that performance management had affected them, disturbed their job plans, ground of for no reason is mixed to them hostile mood was created between employee, the trouble was appeared.

Grail? Chicken ribs? A problem the contrary of two polarity, why people can come into being so big difference to performance management, she is true so do not suffer wait for see, must divide after that fast?

The business is afraid what imagine without people is so bad, performance of my individual apt manages the viewpoint that is controller grail. Performance management is total for it is an idealer administrative system, the method that has science and skill can be offerred abide by, performance management system is not the De Qin that people understands normally can the qualitative evaluation of accomplishment, also not be controller is asked in a limited time finish fill out a form the task, contrary, regard management as the system, it has more perfect law. Be considered as to chicken ribs, it is clear that I think the biggest question goes to was not done in controller the current law in performance management system, do not have more carry out and according to its current law is carried out, brought about performance management company finally to carry out midstream at the form, be reduced to poverty is chicken ribs.

So, what current law is there in performance management system? We talk about this problem below, how does the person that see guard manage use the current law of performance management, go grabbing grail.

Law one: Performance management is a perfect system, is not the performance assessment of simple and one-way operation

Authoritative viewpoint is to the definition of performance management: Performance management is a continual communication process, this process is mixed by employee he / the agreement that reachs between her direct director will assure to finish, right in the agreement the job that stuff did not come for some time reachs specific target and understanding, the organization that is benefited the likelihood, manager and employee are brought into among them.

From inside this not trival definition, we reach see:

1, performance management is completed jointly by manager and employee both sides, manager and employee must cooperate, the singles of any one party fights be a mistake alone.
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