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Confirm the channel of crucial quality and approach
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In the activity of manpower endowment source control that is in an enterprise, picking a person is the first close, choosing right stuff also is the premise that does good business work and foundation. Listen to a friend to had asked me a such words before, you are to think the employee that seeks form of a squirrel makes the tree on him, the employee that still seeks form of a turkey makes the tree on him, I say is the employee that seeks form of a squirrel of course, he says this was opposite, looking for right person to arrange proper place just is way of the most efficient manpower resource configuration.

Follow this concept, I touch the example that the biggest is the member that once company invite applications for a job protects clean to me in practice, before the concerned theme that elaborates me formally, I want to be necessary to cause this case, cause everybody a few think.

The company wants the member that enrol a Bao Jie, the member that the likelihood protects clean this position considers as very elementary post in eye of a lot of friends, but you also want to know, if just think does not have this post, the wholesome meeting of whole company is in a complete mess, result not character and know, say to any post are the value that has it is in among a company so, I am very serious also the ground handles this issue.

Wait for information of invite applications for a job to be given out, the person that did not wait for be recruited comes, him company staff did interior to recommend from height somebody, the person that I recommend to that interior in those days compares reliance, since in-house personnel is recommended,the heart thinks should problem of it doesn't matter, together with servantchooses a person for a job in those days really very urgent, brash the person that makes be recommended went to work.

Can not know, the member protect clean of that new mount guard goes to work the first day to find me, how do I arrange working issue to say to want before, still feel happy secretly in the heart, enthusiasm of job of this new employee is spent hide the truth from tall. But its result I to one's great diappointment, so she is to wanted pay to come, say pay is too low. In my heart strange, how to begin the job formally to wanted pay to come to me, still be to had not seen such a few employee really, think in the heart in those days, this person mind is put in the problem, most the working apiration of at least is done not have, let her job can be bothered later. Hurry immediately so outer action person, should doing me undertake stealthily. Do not give my place material as expected, be in device is new during replacing a person, the employee that is recommended to come works efficiency its are low, clean a day to did not finish place to stipulate the cleanness that should finish is measured, and cleaned place still is so dirty, finish sth cursorily, return summation other staff complains thing much money is little. I am not paid attention to, enrol a person to replace her simply, after passing 3 days, right person came surely, replaced her, this present cleanness member need not bade, need not remind, willingness ground works, and do very reach the designated position.
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